The word on the street


Here’s the bit where our very satisfied customers tell you how great our Scoffingtons™ really are!!


The best vegan cake EVER! Thank you so much Wendy great service and an amazing cake 🙌 Happy 30th Birthday Jayson ❤️ @scoffingtons @jaybird99percent #veganlife #birthdaycake #bestcakeever #icouldeatitall



Who’s tried a S c o f f i n g t o n? 🥰
These cubes of magic are made locally and sold around Sheffield, and also completely vegan. Being a cake fanatic I was fascinated by them as soon as I came across them. They are cubes of incredibly moist sponge covered in ganache and topped with buttercream in exciting flavours 🍪

I was lucky enough to win a box of 12 of them! 😱 Delivered to my work during a particularly long day (I won’t go into details but it involved a dog with a taste for rocks). Moral of the story, always support local businesses. And vegan cake can be completely and utterly delicious 😋 (Not sponsored!)